Luzma Travel takes you to countries in Central and South America such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile and Brazil. Below is a list of our most popular destinations in Central and South America. Luzma Travel can take you to these destinations and to any other that you may be interested in visiting. Travel agency in charlotte Contact us  and let us know where you want to spend your next vacation. Luzma Travel will take care of finding the best rates possible and make your well-deserved vacation a reality. 



Costa Rica has become a popular travel destination and it main advantage is its well-kept national parks, which cover approximately 24% of the country’s land area. 


There are plenty of beaches, both in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea along with several volcanoes that can be visited.  With an array of natural beauty tourist come to Costa Rica to experience the nature trails through the ancient rainforest, climb active volcanoes and explore the high altitude forests.



Colombia features mountains, coastline and jungle along with remarkable archaeological sites and dynamic culture.  Throughout Colombia there is evidence of colonial Spanish culture, but also some remnants of pre-Colombian civilizations.


The nation's capital, Bogota, has become the biggest tourist destination in Colombia, because of its improved museums and entertainment venues, rehabilitation of public areas, development of parks, and creation of a network of cycling routes.  You can stay anywhere from a farm lodge in the hills to a luxurious hotel in Bogota.



Peru hosts a wide array of tourism resources.  There are a variety of natural locations to appeal to those who love the outdoors.  It offers sunny beaches, snow sports, and adventurous activities in the jungle any time of the year.


Historically, there are signs of civilization from the Paleolithic times from the Andean cultures.  The dance, music, and crafts culture is unique to each region.  The temples and fortresses built at high altitudes showcase the human achievements that were accomplished in Peru. 


You can't come to Peru without visiting Machu Picchu, the inca site built in the 15th century. 




Panama features numerous world class attractions such as tropical rainforests, beautiful mountains, two coastlines for beaches, more than 1500 islands, vibrant nightlife, top quality resorts, and historical sites.  You can’t forget to visit the Panama Canal, the spectacle of


Panama.  Panama is known as the “Crossroads of the Americas” because it is located between North and South America.   The indigenous meaning of the country’s name, “abundance of fish,” refers to Panama’s reputation for being a paradise of water sports and natural environment.



Brazil has a variety of major attractions such as the Amazon Jungle, Amazon River, rainforest, magnificent beaches, and unique plant and animal life.   Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are the most popular destinations within the country.


Brazil has great natural beauty and is home to people of ethnic and cultural diversity.  Carnivals take place in different parts of Brazil throughout the year, but the most famous carnival is the Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, which consists of a four day celebration.