Luzma Travel takes you to countries in Europe such as France,  England, Germany, Italy and Spain. Below is a list of our most popular destinations in Europe. Luzma Travel can take you to these destinations and to any other that you may be interested in visiting. Contact us and let us know where you want to spend your next vacation. Luzma Travel will take care of finding the best rates possible and make your well-deserved vacation a reality. 


Everyone’s first thought when thinking of a vacation trip to France, is Paris.   It is a city full of cultural diversity, fashion, art, historical landmarks and amazing examples of Gothic and French Renaissance architecture.  Called the City of Light, City of Love, and the Capital of Fashion, Paris is a favorite travel destination of the romantic who seek the beauty it exudes. 


Popular attractions include the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay and Notre-Dame, as well as museums, opera and unparalleled shopping for international  fashion lovers .   Paris however, is but one choice in your travel options for France!  


Chamonix was the site of the first Olympic games in 1924, and is still a very popular ski resort at the foot of Mont Blanc in the French Alps.  Water sport opportunities including rafting, kayaking, sailing and water skiing are all in abundance on the Verdon River at the Gorge du Verdon.  St. Tropez, on the French Riviera has been dubbed the playground of the jet set; but it may be just the place for you outside the pricey peak summer season, as there are fewer celebrities to spot, but plenty of opportunity to experience what attracts artists, writers and film makers to this picturesque village.  There are also other excellent beaches in several spots along the French Riviera, the Atlantic coast and the island of Corsica.  And of course, there is France’s rich culture of food and wine, among the most notable in the world.  



Impressive historic locations, scenic rivers, glorious beaches, numerous castles and cathedrals, and uniquely English tourist attractions all await travelers to England.  In London, you’ll join the millions of vacationers who every year enjoy such attractions as the Tower of London, the world-famous British Museum, Trafalgar Square and its National Gallery, and you can climb aboard the London Eye to get a bird’s eye view of 55 of London’s most famous landmarks. 


Also in the tradition of “merry old England,” you will find thatched cottages and country houses, quaint village pubs and cream teas for tea time.  Despite what is often written, visitors generally find that it doesn’t rain as much as they thought.  Neither are there fish-and-chip shops on every corner, having given way to more international food tastes. 


But a vacation trip to England will delight with a variety of things to do and see:  Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, romantic boat trips along the rivers, ride on the famous double-decker buses, and an array of hundreds of festivals from beer festivals to the Notting Hill Carnival to the Manchester Jazz Festival.  



Spain offers world travelers a glimpse at a relaxed lifestyle, a taste of its fabulous cuisine, a vibrant nightlife, and world famous festivities.   Popular places to visit include the vibrant capital of Madrid with its abundant night life, the coastal City of Barcelona with its Gothic architecture, the famous “Running of the Bulls” at Pamplona, and major Andalusian cities full of Islamic architecture such as Seville, Granada, and Cordoba.  


Some of the most visited attractions around the country include Madrid’s Palacio Real, the lavish residence of the Spanish Royal family, and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, which is one of Spain’s most visited tourist attractions.  Many major cities offer daily shows of Spain’s distinctive and traditional flamenco dancing. 


Another Spanish tradition enjoyed by travelers is enjoying a tapa before dinner.  These selections of appetizers range from fried squid to saucy meatballs, fresh vegetables and cheeses, and are readily available in many bars as you travel throughout the country.