Luzma Travel takes you to cities in the United States such as New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Below is a list of our most popular destinations within the United States. Luzma Travel can take you to these destinations and to any other that you may be interested in visiting. Contact us and let us know where you want to spend your next vacation. Luzma Travel will take care of finding the best rates possible and make your well-deserved vacation a reality. 



Planning to travel to New York City?   New York is an amazing tourist location, serving almost 47 million foreign and American tourists each year, and offers something to appeal to every style, taste, and budget.  Major attractions are the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty, all popular icons of the United States.    If it’s entertainment you want, Radio City Music Hall, dozens of Broadway theatres, big and small,  and the Metropolitan Opera await you!   


The Guggenheim Museum, one of many museums in the city, is a huge modern art center and an architectural wonder on its own.   For a little quiet time and fresh air in the big city, you might want to take lunch and spend some time in New York’s famous Central Park, the most visited park in the United States.   While New York is the quintessential big city, you’ll be surprised to see that there are also more than 28,000 acres of park land and 14 miles of public beaches for tourists to enjoy.  




If you’re looking for family-friendly travel opportunities, Orlando may well be the best spot for your vacation!  It’s a perfect destination for kids of all ages with its wide variety of theme and amusement parks: Walt Disney World, Epcot Center, Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld Orlando, and many more. 


There are world-class resorts, shopping opportunities for all budgets, spectacular year-round golf courses, magnificent conference facilities, and some of the most exquisite dining opportunities in the country.   Orlando’s downtown and many nearby towns in Central Florida take pride in showcasing public art and provide a myriad of cultural opportunities.   


Orlando has two major airports to cover its more than 50 million visitors every year: Orlando Executive Airport and Orlando International Airport.  





From year-round spectacular live entertainment on the famous Las Vegas Strip by high-profile entertainers, to luxurious Casinos and fine dining, there’s a lot of glamor and fun to be had in Las Vegas!   And the prestigious convention and trade show facilities  are second to none!  If you’re looking for a little glamor, but also want a little outdoor fun when you travel,  you can rent a car and make the 40-minute trip to Lake Mead for a cruise, or visit Hoover Dam, or visit Bryce Canyon National Park.   


here are so many things to see and do in and near Las Vegas that even if you’re a repeat visitor to this exciting destination, you’ll never run out of things to do!



San Francisco, “the city by the Bay,” is well known for its historic homes, ethnic and cultural diversity, and progressive pace.  It’s packed with an assortment of activities to appeal to all ages and interests. 


The city is full of beautiful views of both the bay and the hillsides, world-class cuisine, and numerous nightlife venues.  Within the compact city you will find Victorian mansions including the famous “Painted Ladies” which have become tourist attractions in their own right.  But there are also elegant skyscrapers, good museums and plentiful art galleries. 


In San Francisco’s Gold Gate Park, you’ll find spectacular views of the famous Golden Gate Bridge, and travelers will find many opportunities for hiking and biking along the shores, paddling and sailing on San Francisco Bay, and bird-watching and exploring among its wetlands.  


If you want a travel destination where you can “have it all,” San Francisco is the vacation spot for you!



Located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Rico is a tropical island paradise with miles of white sand beaches, rainforest and mountains.   Puerto Rico is a land of rich historical significance, as it was key to the Spanish Empire from its early years of exploration, conquest and colonization of the New World.   


Seen as an island getaway, Puerto Rico offers an assortment of amenities for its visitors.   Outside of the capital of San Juan, visitors can explore the El Yunque Rainforest, swim in the bioluminescent bays, or explore the sinkholes and underground rivers at the Rio Camuy Cave Park.   Travelers will be mesmerized by the beautiful beaches and scenery featured throughout Puerto Rico.  


True to its rich history, music is plentiful and beloved in the city of San Juan.  Whether you wish to hear traditional Puerto Rican music that originated with the native Taíno Indians, classical concerts or dance clubs, travelers will find many entertainment venues.  And if you want to truly experience the island life, partaking of Puerto Rican cuisine will be a highlight of your trip.


The foods of the native Taíno Indians, Spanish conquistadores, and African slaves all influenced and make up what today is known as Comida Criolla or Creole Cuisine … the ultimate Puerto Rican dining!    


Since Puerto Rico is a United States territory, those entering from the United States mainland will not need a passport to visit.  



The Grand Canyon is undoubtedly Arizona’s most distinguished and awe-inspiring landmark, attracting close to 5 million visitors who travel there every year.  A serious archaeological location, artifacts nearly 12,000 years old have been found  dating back to the Paleo-Indian period.


Part of the United States National Park Service, the Grand Canyon boasts more than 277 miles of steep, rocky walls to explore, and you can stand at any of the viewpoints on the rim of the Grand Canyon and will find yourself speechless by the magnificent hues and expansive views. 


The 1,450-mile-long Colorado River is at the floor of the Grand Canyon, is home to the famous Hoover Dam, and affords such recreational activities as motor boating, canoeing, kayaking or jetskiing, along with fishing in its abundant waters.    


Travelers to the Grand Canyon can enjoy a variety of guided tours and hikes, and there are plenty of other attractions such as shopping, dining and upscale resorts for you to enjoy.